We are committed to leading the way in sustainability within dental accessories


Sustainable Interdental Brushes:

Green Dental Products

We are committed to the development of eco friendly dental products and reducing and removing single-use plastic.
We are on a journey and are continually investing to become the leader of green interdental products. We work with suppliers all over the world to source the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials possible to ensure we are genuinely doing what’s right for the planet.

Our Range

All our packaging is now 100% recyclable including our plastic pouches made from recycled materials.

If you’re looking for eco friendly dental products in the UK, we can help.
Explore our range below to discover all benefits and features and to find the products that will suit you best. 

Same great DenTek quality but kinder for the planet!


At DenTek we are always striving to make our production processes as environmentally friendly as possible. Our best-selling Triple Clean, next-generation Cross Flosser floss picks and popular Easy Brush features a handle made from bio-based plastics (produced using a renewable raw material made from Sugar Cane plants) instead of fossil fuels which contribute to global warming.  This natural, sustainable material reduces carbon emissions by up to 80% more when compared to the creation of ordinary plastic.

Our new range of eco friendly dental products represent the greenest dental products we have ever produced without compromising on the high quality DenTek is so well known for. Our new floss picks are as strong as conventional plastic and the resin is GMO-free (genetically modified organisms), meaning it doesn’t upset any food supplies or sensitive ecosystems after disposal.

Our most eco-friendly product ever!

While most interdental care products are currently made from hard-to-recycle plastics, we’ve created DenTek® Earth Friendly Interdental Brushes with handles made from Birch Wood which are sustainable, environmentally friendly and very hard-wearing. Each box even comes with a recyclable sugar cane cap to keep the brush clean at no extra cost to the environment.

We use Birch Wood for our handles because it is known for its positive environmental credentials and premium quality. This sustainable material is climate positive, which means it actually removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

Also, because the Birch Wood handles of these products absorb less moisture than bamboo alternative interdental brushes, they are less likely to split from the bristles in a bathroom environment – and therefore need to be replaced less frequently.

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