Watch our how to use DenTek product videos

Want to know how to get the most from our range of oral care products? Check out these DenTek how to use videos.

Whether you’d like more information about our dental floss picks, tongue scrapers, interdental cleaning brushes or any of our other products, these how to use videos from DenTek will give you the facts you need.

How to use Dental Interdental cleaning brushes (IDB’s)

Find out how to select the best size interdental brush or brushes for your teeth and get tips on how to use IDBs correctly. From perfecting your brushing technique to knowing how long to brush for, this guide outlines everything you should know.

How to use Dental Floss Picks

Want to know how to clean the areas between your teeth quickly and effectively using floss picks? This guide is for you. It also explains DenTek’s new generation of floss pick – the Cross Flosser.

How to use Dentek First Aid Emergency Tooth Repair Kit

Learn how to use the DenTek First Aid Emergency Tooth Repair Kit as a temporary treatment for a nagging cavity, loose filling, dislodged tooth or chipped crown until you can get to a dentist.

How to use DenTek Temparin Max Dental Repair Kit

Find out how DenTek Temparin Max Dental Repair Kit can provide you with a temporary fix for a cavity, loose filling or chipped crown with this handy how to use video.

How to use DenTek Orabrush Tongue Scraper Cleaner

This quick tutorial shows you how to use the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner to loosen and lift away bacteria from the surface of your tongue, helping to fight bad breath and improve oral hygiene.

Why and How To Floss Your Teeth

Find out why using floss picks, roll floss or interdental brushes is so important as a way of preventing a build up of food, plaque and bacteria in the areas of your mouth that normal brushing can’t reach.